Indo-German Trade In Engineering Sector In 2018

IIndia ranks 15th globally, in the list of top 50 destinations for the German Mechanical Engineering exports. In 2018, the total import of machinery from Germany reached a volume of €3.40 billion. This was an increase by 9.3% compared with the same period of time in the previous year. On the other hand, in 2017, India imported machinery of the value

€18.37 bn globally. Germany is the 2nd most important supplier to India globally, share of around 16.7%, behind China (34.2%) and ahead of Japan (10.3%) and Italy (7.4%).
Among the machinery sectors, major demand of German equipment was for Power Transmission (10.8%), Textile Machinery (without dryers) (7.05%), Machine Tools (6.76%), Valves & Fittings (5.38%) and Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery (5.29%). There are other sectors like air handling technology, fluid power equipment, plastic and rubber Machinery and food processing & packaging, which are growing steadily in India.
Out of the total export of German Mechanical Engineering to Asia of €41.9 billion, India is the second largest sales market in Asia for the German engineering industry, with a share of 8%, after China (45.5%).