Interarch Delivers Greenfield Manufacturing Unit With World-Class Safety


Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, a leading Spanish manufacturer of wind turbines with an extended presence in four continents across the world. Headquartered in Spain, Siemens Gamesa has installed more than 10,000 MW production in four continents, saving close to 51.9 million tonnes of annual CO2 emission. Siemens Gamesa has a solid presence in Europe, America and Asia.

The new plant in Nellore is a part of 100 Euro investment plans that was announced earlier. Siemens Gamesa is manufacturing wind turbines, kick starting with rotor blades first. The new Nellore factory is currently manufacturing 2MW, 114 m diameter rotor blades, which are the most optimal.



Snapshot Of The Project

Interarch has successfully executed the first phase of Greenfield Wind Turbine manufacturing facility in Nellore. The building is spread over an area of around 18,000 sq.m. consisting Main plant & Raw Material storage buildings.

Interarch has been recognized for “Accident-free Project Completion” by Gamesa Renewable Pvt Ltd for Nellore project.

Engineering Expertise Provided By Interarch

Design Expertise

The expertise of Interarch engineering department reduced the engineering time of the Main Plant and Storage, which were very complex due to the functional requirement of the manufacturing and exceptional high loading required in the building.

The project was designed according to the latest IS design codes, IS 800: working stress design for both the buildings with consideration given to all the geographical data like wind velocity, seismic zone as per IS standard.

The design of the building was such that the temperature was kept in control for monitoring the thermal expansion and contraction. Consideration of multiple Collateral load of Solar panel, Cable trays, False Ceiling, pipe supporting was considered for building functional requirement.



Aesthetic & Comfort Feature

For Aesthetical feature, Trapezoidal Fascia has been provided throughout the building to cover the roof slope and interfaces. Sheeting Colour pattern has also been considered to make it more attractive, day light panel is provided for roof and wall for sufficient natural light, mezzanine for office space and sandwich roof supported with Insulation and liner panel on the roof and the wall was provided for occupant comfort.



Project On-Site Management

Safety Measures Adopted

Interarch certified builders and employees had to work under very stringent quality and safety conditions and had to deploy innovative solutions like highest safety standard, which were followed in line with the international standard to achieve a zero accident, logistic and better site management at the site to meet site standard norms.


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