Speeding Up Curing For Early Strength


Dattatreya Ghosh

Country Manager, – India



ROTHO is considered a world leader in the field of curing system and has established a strong presence in several global markets. The Head Office and factory are based in Germany and the company has supplied much more than 2500 plants all over the world.

Concrete with high proportion of fly ash needs more than 21 to 27 days to harden in natural curing. However, with the ROTHO system you can speed up the curing process and you will get the early strength of production in a very short time. The system consists of a curing chamber and an air circulation system. It takes the heat from the hydration process of the product and start circulating the air inside the closed chamber. It maintains a constant humidity and temperature with a sufficient air flow per hour.



ROTHO supplies curing systems for automatic and semi-automatic plants, for automatic plants ROTHO has developed a big chamber concept, which is 100% accepted by the market. The curing process is much more effective than the conventional way by making the curing chamber by blocks and closing the front by individual shutter doors.

Depending on the pallet size ROTHO can offer three different types of curing chambers for semi-automatic plants.

The products will be transferred into the chambers by the help of a forklift. In this case the pallet size should be more than 1,200 mm
in length, because the minimum width of a fork lift available in India is 1,100 mm.

If the pallet size is more than 900 mm and less than 1,100 mm a battery-operated manual lifter will be offered which can help to place the pallets in the galvanized racks of the curing chambers.

For pallet size less than 600 mm a garage type system is available, which allows clients to place their pallets into local made iron racks and transfer these racks by forklift into the curing chambers.

All the above versions come along with an air circulation system in order to fasten up the curing process and improve the product quality.

Recently ROTHO has supplied a fully automatic Curing line (BIG CHAMBER SOLUTION) with a REIT RT6 machine near Bangalore. The pallet size is only 900 x 700 mm. It is the First automatic line with a pallet size of that size. ROTHO is also offering moveable curing tents, which are very much pocket friendly.

India has a huge market of concrete and fly ash products and the demand for quality improvement combined with time reduction is growing from day to day. Since starting activities in INDIA in 2010, ROTHO has supplied curing solutions for fully 10 fully automatic block and paver plants. In 2015 the company supplied the first curing system for semi-automatic plant near Delhi. In the year 2019 up to JUNE two new orders have been finalized.

ROTHO will supply a fully automatic system (Big Chamber Solution with Air Circulation) to a client in Cochin, who also bought a TOP WERK block machine for his new plant. Production start is planned for October 2019.

ROTHO has supplied its first fully automatic line with Qunfeng, which is first in India. The plant is in Mysore and it started its operation in the month of June.

Advantages of using ROTHO are:

  • Well-designed turnkey solution
  • Best cost benefit ratio
  • Cement saving
  • Great saving of water
  • Reduced curing time
  • More uniform colours
  • High earlier strength
  • Reduction of required storage capacity
  • Reduction of efflorescence


For more information, contact: d-ghosh@rotho.de