Germany Pitches For Share Of $180 Bn Philippines Building Programme Project


Germany is seeking a role in the Philippines’ US$180bn (£145bn) ‘Build, Build, Build’ programme, citing the expertise of companies such as tunnelling machine manufacturer Herrenknecht. The “Build, Build, Build” program includes six airports and nine railways as well as several bus rapid transit schemes, four ports and more than 30 projects involving roads and bridges.

No German company has yet participated in any project under the infrastructure programme but Kricke was optimistic about German companies taking part. A delegation of Germany’s leading construction firms visited Manila in February to identify opportunities in the country. The team included representatives present from Herrenknecht, Mulag Fahrzeugwerk Heinz Woessner, AuCom MCS, Hauff Technik and ThyssenKrupp.

Germany’s ambassador to Manila, Gordon Kricke, said, “We have companies like the Herrenknecht AG, which is one of the world leaders in building tunnels for infrastructure development so I think Germany is an ideal partner actually for the ‘Build, Build, Build’ programme.