International Consultants Team Up With Chinese Contractors

He MoU agrees a number of areas for collaboration, including establishing a framework for sharing resources between FIDIC and CHINCA; joint working to support both organisations’ research activities; and encouraging Chinese contractors to use quality-based selection.

Other aims include working together on Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), the Chinese government’s global development and investment strategy.

FIDIC chief executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “This is a landmark moment for FIDIC and the construction and infrastructure industry in China. Both FIDIC and CHINCA represent businesses whose activities create a legacy that citizens experience for generations and the social and economic impacts of that work influence wellbeing, culture and societal structures for decades, so it is essential that we work together for the common good. I look forward to both organisations learning from each other and to a fruitful collaboration to ensure that we create better outcomes for our world and its citizens.” 

CHINCA chairman Fang Qiuchen said: “FIDIC contracts are one of the most popular templates used in international infrastructure projects. Chinese contractors are one of the largest application groups for FIDIC contracts and the MoU between FIDIC and CHINCA creates a communication bridge between Chinese contractors and international consultants. CHINCA also looks forward to strengthening cooperation with FIDIC’s newly established Beijing office in the areas of trainin, standard contracts and in developing subcontract templates.”