Layher Allround Scaffold Ideal For High Rise Industrial Structure

Layher produces high-quality scaffolding systems in Germany. The company has worldwide presence with more than 40 sales subsidiaries. The products are being used by industries like construction, cement plants, chemical plants, power plants, as well as shipyards and offshore.


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Layher’s present product characteristics and services help customers achieve long-term success and increase the profitability of their companies. The Layher Allround Scaffolding has been established as a synonym for modular scaffolds on the market. The Allround Scaffolding offers unsurpassed versatility to be used in construction sites, chemical industries, power plants, aircraft, shipyards, event sector, theatres and arenas.


Application Of Layher Allround Scaffold In Cement Industries

Cement silos are either a part of the production process in integrated cement plants, or they are key aspects of distribution terminals. For the cement industry, these storage silos are very important because it allows a continuous production, while the cement dispatch can be discontinuous. Largest cement storage silos in the cement industry are built with diameter up to 30 m, while typical silos for the storage of 20000 t cement are typically 4 m to 30 m in diameter and 20 m to 84 m in height. It is clear that such silos require an efficient and trouble-free emptying. Accordingly, highest requirements are given to overall plant reliability and practically 100% availability. To achieve a high availability, flow problems have to be strictly eliminated. From the theory of flow in silos, it is well-known that this can only be achieved with mass-flow.


For cement silos, the central cone version has become the predominant design. On one hand, the central cone has a displacement function for the material in the silo, while on the other hand, several designs, especially for multi-compartment designs become possible. Multi-compartment silos are used for producing special cements from a number of main and secondary cement components.


Not only does the shape of the building remind of a crystal, it also reminds of the surface of the façade. To attach the Local Scaffolder, they solved this task technically with the Layher Scaffolding and Technical team; section by section they adapted the scaffold to the slope of the building with various brackets on the inside and then shifted it inwards by one scaffold width. Scaffold was anchored with the help of Layher Anchoring equipment; even the increased wind loads could be transferred without putting unnecessary strain on the structure.


The construction of Scaffolding for maintenance of silo is a challenging task due to wind pressure. The selection of support systems (scaffolding with permanent structure) aids in avoiding obstructions by bracket or cable tray around the silo. Layher Allround Scaffolding systems provide unique, bolt-less connection technique; the patented Allround joint has replaced the conventional scaffold technique, especially in construction of Scaffold for silo up to height 72 m.


Allround Scaffolding can accommodate all types of high loads and is the ideal system for all kinds of support scaffolding. Also, it has an efficient solution to deal with all challenges, regardless of whether they involve false work at great height or round inner scaffolding. It needs to be built in a modular scaffolding system for the maintenance of silo and high rise industrial structure.


In addition, cement plants are situated near the sea shore, generating the need to take care of wind force. Anchoring is essential for the stability of the scaffolding; it must be continually installed as scaffolding assembly progresses. The anchoring is to be provided only on sufficient strong components; if necessary, test the anchoring surface by pull-out tests. A check can be dispensed with if sufficient load-bearing capacity can be assessed on the basis of professional experience and the service value of the anchoring force does not exceed 1.5 kN, or in the case of reinforced concrete.


The horizontal ledger is to be connected with two standard couplers with very wide scaffolding structures. It is necessary to anchor with the aid of a horizontal ledger. The selection of anchoring configuration depends on the bay width, the load on the scaffolding, live load, wind load and the structural height of the scaffolding. As the load on the scaffold increases, the anchoring configuration becomes denser to pass the force safely into the anchoring surface. The dense the anchoring configuration, the lower will be the force on individual wall ties.


Layher Allround Scaffolding with Aluminium Platform
Stairway up to 72 m height at Cement Plant in Gujarat, India


Landing – Type Aluminium Stair Access Up To 72 m Height

With Layher Modular stair tower, access possibilities that always fit and that match the system. With the landing type Aluminum stair tower, it is simple to construct a 4-standard stairway tower, either integrated into the scaffolding, or as a free-standing access structure anchored on the building. There is no hindrance to work on scaffolding by using Aluminum landing type stairway. Furthermore, a distinction is made between independent access structures that are anchored to the silo and access structures that are integrated into the scaffolding. The maximum permissible load bearing capacity of Aluminum stair tower is 2.0 kN/m2. It is easy to construct up to 72 m height due to light weight components. The necessary anchoring can be continually attached in accordance with structural requirements. Unlike external platform stairway access, the platform stair tower has the advantage that work being done inside the scaffolding is not hindered by people ascending or descending.


Allround Scaffolding, thanks to 8 different connections possible at the Allround connector and the variable choice of angles, is a simple task of erecting scaffolding around curved surfaces. Possible connections and variable angle selection, curved surface can be enclosed with scaffolding without any problem. To build economical large-diameter scaffolding, the largest possible bay widths must be planned. In systems solutions using Allround equipment, two variants have proven their worth in practice: in the first variant, only system bays are used, while the second variant uses intermediate bays. In both cases, it is recommended that at least the last bay be selected as an equalizing bay.



Anchoring is essential for the stability of the scaffolding and must be continually installed as the scaffolding assembly progresses. The anchoring shown differ in their force absorption and are not interchangeable without a renewed inspection. Wall ties, other tube and coupler anchoring must be attached directly adjacent to the rosettes. Connect Allround wall tie with standard coupler, inserting the wall tie into the ring screw. Anchoring is particularly important if the scaffolding is covered with nets or tarpaulins. The subsequent covering requires additional anchoring.



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